GVF certifies Pacific military personnel in VSAT installation for disaster preparedness

Representatives from more than a dozen Pacific-Area militaries recently participated in a disaster preparedness program held by the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) during the Satcom Endeavor workshop last week. Participating military personnel received certifications in the installation of very-small-aperture terminal satellite communications systems in support of disaster response and relief operations.

A multi-national workshop organized by GVF, Satcom Endeavour hosted more than twenty militaries from the disaster-prone Pacific region. It took place at Changi Naval Base, and featured the GVF-administered VSAT installation training program as one of its major highlights.

GVF-Certified personnel will be able to lend their expertise to their parent militaries during future natural disasters. Those militaries can base future preparedness measures on their newly-acquired satellite communications capabilities, which are immune to disruption of terrestrial communications networks.

GVF is the international non-profit association of the satellite industry. Its VSAT Installer Certification Programme has now enrolled more than 6,000 international trainees.

The Pacific region holds the dubious distinction of hosting the majority of the world’s natural disasters ever year, and militaries in the region often perform disaster preparedness and response operations. According to David Hartshorn, Secretary General of the Global VSAT Forum, the latest satellite communications capabilities would be of great assistance to Pacific militaries during such operations.

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